All About Dogecoin Best 10 ways to Buy

Curious about dogecoin? Well, Dogecoin is now a trending topic all over the world. People are curious about it. Everybody wants to invest their money into it. Dogecoin was first made as a meme coin but its hype now has crossed its boundary. Markus and Jackson’s palmer created dogecoin as a joke in 2013. Now dogecoin is getting a high level of promotion from many celebs and rich people. The second richest person on the planet Elon Musk is encouraging the high use of a dogecoin. Elon has always shown interest in cryptocurrency. Elon electric car company tesla was accepting bitcoin. However, they have refused to take bitcoin from now due to environmental pollution.


The bitcoin miners seem to consume a high amount of fossil fuel in order to mine bitcoin that’s why Tesla is refusing the bitcoin. This is really good news for dogecoin investors. Space x company has started to accept dogecoin. This level of encouragement makes the game of crypto more interesting. Investors assume that within the year the price of a 1 Dogecoin will reach up to 1 USD. Elon Musk is all set to move the index curve of a dogecoin to the moon.

Buy Dogecoin in Nepal?


There is one question regarding cryptocurrency in Nepal. Is it legal? Well, officially the government of Nepal hasn’t allowed the use of any cryptocurrency. However, its neighboring country India has approved the use of a cryptocurrency in their country. The market of cryptocurrency is rapidly increasing. Dogecoin is illegal in the context of Nepal. But you can buy dogecoin unofficially through any verified applications and websites.


Here are some of the ways which can help you to buy any cryptocurrency from Nepal

  •  Open any browser

In order to buy your cryptocurrency first open your browser and search in google for etoro app. You will see the list of the various app open the etoro application.

  • Install into your phone

Install the etoro application into your phone allow for any permission that the app requires

  • Create account

In order to buy and sell your crypto fill in all the necessary details. The application may ask for your KYC form too. Fill all the box and move to the next step

  • Load wallet

To buy your currencies you need to load the etoro wallet if you have MasterCard you can easily top-up the wallet there are other options too.

  • Buy and sell

After completing these all steps now you can buy any cryptocurrency whether it is dogecoin bitcoin etherum or anything you can buy and sell just from your smartphone at your fingertip you can buy and sell your cryptos at any time you need.


Dogecoin price in Nepal

The price of a dogecoin varies from day to day it is moreover like a stock market it goes according to the chain of demand and supply at the beginning the price of a 1 dogecoin was US$ 0.00026 on its release day. Now 0.556 (date 5/15/2021) this price gets fluctuate frequently. We can say the Nepali price of a 1 dogecoin in 2013 was 0.6567. In this way, the 1 doge now has the value of  77.0112 in Nepali rupees. Nobody knows will the doge reach up to 1 USD but if it reached 1 lakh of doge will cost more than a crore in Nepal by that time You can also invest in doge with a very minimum amount.


How to Invest in Dogecoin 

Here are the list of the applications and sites that will help you to buy your dogecoin in a secure way.

Names of WalletsSites/applications
WazirX Bitcoin WalletBOTH
Coinbase Bitcoin WalletBoth
Ledger NanoBoth
Guarda WalletBoth
BuyU CoinBoth

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