Top 10 Reason To Become a Pilot

Short Training

The flight training to become a pilot is relatively short compared to a doctor for example. you need approximately one year of flight training to become a first officer on an airline jet. Depending on the country you live in, there is a pilot curious out there where you need even less than two years compared to at least 10 years to become a qualified doctor.

Interesting people/variety of careers.

You constantly get to know new and interesting people your crew member change frequently so do your passenger and everyone else involved in the industry don’t be mistake there are other pilot careers out there than piloting a passenger jet you can be a corporate pilot flying rich people around in their private planes.

Technical Job

The opportunities are endless if you are technical oriented person flying is the job for you during your type rating you’re going to deal with all sorts of different airplanes system which are fairly complicated but once you understand the technical background and how it works in daily operations can be very satisfying you stay at a beautiful holiday.

Overnights At Holiday Destination.

Destinations and get paid for it you have overnight in different cities and you have a chance to get a closer look at your destination and bring your girlfriend on the trip with you. Okay I admit this can vary from airline to airline but if your company files two long-haul holiday destination every week you have a good chance that you stay there for the entire week and more or less wait until the aircraft comebacks so that you can fly back home

Cheap Tickets

You and your girlfriend or wife and family can fly to lower prices and other passenger varying from airline to airline to ellen you have two to three flights per your entirely for free plus you can book standby tickets throughout the year for at least half the price or less with your company or other partner airlines which makes holiday trip fairly cheap.


Flying is not a job. It’s a passion having control over a big airbus or Boeing or any other plane is absolutely mind-blowing. Approaching airports you have not yet flown to give you that thrilling sensation as you are flying into the unknown or to land approaches into the dense fog where you completely rely on your instruments and the autopilot give you a rush. Battling with adverse weather and enjoying the freedom of visual approach and flying a big passenger jet like a little Cessna never gets old, trust me.

Respected job

The job stills enjoy a huge acceptance within the public represents courage and power knowledge and discipline and pilots are respected for their skills of knowing how to control a plane and act responsibly in case of emergency and getting their passenger to their destination as quickly as safely as possible and it is still ranked as one of the most favorable dreams job and many men


Pilots get paid pretty well compared to other jobs for their time. They are actually at a work to give an example a friend of mine works as a doctor at a clinic kicking off 60 hours per week accumulating 200 hours per hours month and I find the average of 70 hours per month and get paid the same or even more also if you’re away from home staying overnight in different cites etc. You get paid for not sleeping in your bed.

Free time

Pilots have a lot of free time obviously varies from airline to airline if you fly for the charter airline which has most of its luggage in this summer season you have a lot of free time during the winter months. pilots might have only eight flight per month, so approximately 20 days off not necessarily at home but outside of the airplane and thanks to new regulation pilots have to more free time in between flights and I’ve added all my off dates from last year including holiday and standby duty size didn’t get called out of and I had 204 days off which is more than half year of free time, not bad if you’re considering the good salary.

Being a pilot is great despite the fact where many other people say you have a huge responsibility regarding your plane and the safety of your passenger and therefore you get paid adequately and you need in a free time to rest and recuperate.

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