10+ Best Course For Computer Science Students After 12th

Best IT course after completing 12th computer science

Choosing the right course after completing 12th can be a difficult task sometimes. Gigabunch has listed some of the popular courses. That student can pursue after completing their graduation. Science background students prefer more technical subjects. There are many courses and programs that students can follow for their bright future. Some of the best courses that can help you build the career are listed below:

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B Tech

best IT course in india

Well, B Tech is a popular course that is popular all over the world. This course covers a wide range of scope that’s why thousands of students every year. Choose B tech. B Tech is a four-year course. It is suitable for the students who have chosen their main subjects like math, science, and chemistry in their 12th. people are still getting high post jobs after completing their B Tech Graduation.

The subjects and syllabus of B Tech have been listed below:

First semesterSecond Semester
Engineering Mathematics-IEngineering Mathematics-II
Engineering Physics Engineering PhysicsEngineering Chemistry
Engineering ChemistryBasic Electrical Engineering / Basic Electronics Engineering
Systems in Mechanical EngineeringProgramming and Problem Solving / Engineering Mechanics
Basic Electrical Engineering / Basic Electronics EngineeringEngineering Graphics (Engineering Drawing)
Programming and Problem Solving / Engineering MechanicsProject-Based Learning
WorkshopPhysical Education-Exercise and Field Activities
Third SemesterFourth Semester
Engineering ThermodynamicsData Structure
Control SystemsDigital Electronics
Mathematics -IIIMathematics – IV
Electrical Devices Microprocessors
Strength of MaterialsMicroprocessors Lab
Control Systems LabDigital Electronics Lab
Thermodynamics LabTheory of Machines
3rd Year Syllabus of Btech
Fifth SemesterSixth Semester
Elective – IVIndustrial Management
Elective – VOpen Elective
Elective – VIDissertation
VLSI TechnologyIndustrial Project
Power ElectronicsViva Voce
Fundamentals of Machine LearningInternship
Power Electronics Lab
Electives Lab

BCA (Bachlore Of Computer Appliacations)

best IT course

BCA is one of the popular courses in countries like India, Nepal. Well BCA is a three-year academic program. Which you can choose after completing your 12th.if you are interested in Information and technology. Then you should pressure your future in BCA. It has a lot of scope in the coming future. The need for an IT persona is increasing day by day. You will learn about different things like programming, coding, scriptwriting, and many more.

There will also be a workshop and internship regarding app development.

  • Subjects of BCA
IT course
SemestersBCA Faculty Subjects
iFundamentals of IT & Computers
Digital Electronics
Basic Mathematics
English Communication
C Language Lab
iiOperating Systems and Fundamentals
Organizational Behaviour
C Language Advanced Concepts
Advanced Mathematics
Advanced C Programming Lab
iiiData Management Systems
Web-Based Applications
DBMS and Web Technology Lab
Open-source Technology
Software Engineering
ivWeb Designing
Data Structures
Introduction to Linux
Object-Oriented Programming
Advanced Java and Python Lab
Software Engineering II
Java Programming
Python Language
Ecommerce And marketing

BSC Informations Technology

highest paying IT course

Every student from all around the globe is very aware of BSC Information technology. It’s a three-year IT course. In which student has to complete their 12th with average marks. BSC Information Technology is a very popular course in India. IT enthusiasts will never ignore this valuable course. To get admission in the course it is compulsory that. you need to complete your 12th graduation in science.

It courses in Mumbai, Delhi, gujrat
SemestersBSC Information technology Syllabus
iApplied Mathematics
Basics of Electrical Engineering
Computer Concepts & Problem Solving
Programming in C
Technical English

C Programming Lab
Computer Concepts and Problem-Solving Lab
Electrical Engineering Lab
iiApplied Mathematics II
Data Structures
Digital Principles
Operating Systems
Technical English II

Digital Lab
Data Structures Lab
Operating Systems Lab
iiiComputer Architecture
Database Management Systems
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Mathematical Structures
Object-Oriented Programming


Algorithm Design Lab
Database Management Systems Lab
Object-Oriented Programming Lab
ivComputer Networks
Java Programming
Microprocessors and Interfacing
Probability and Statistics
Elective I


Computer Networks Lab
Java Programming Lab
Microprocessors and Interfacing Lab
vEmbedded Systems
Software Engineering
Elective II, III


Embedded Systems Lab
Software Lab
Web Technology Lab
viCommunication Switching Techniques
Principles of Management
Elective IV, V, & VI
Project Work


Gigabunch has presented some of the popular IT courses suitable for students interested in the field of information and technology. The Era of an IT world is getting BOOM. If you want to secure your future in It word then the mentioned courses are best for you.

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