Top 10 Best upcoming Mobile Phone in Nepal

pcomming smartphones in nepal

The smartphone influence in nepali market is being saturated day by day. the preferenece and the taste towars the smartphones keeps on changing. the mobile company send the smart phone model and varirties according to their customers taste and behaviours. there are many smarphone which are going to launched very soon in nepal. some of them are highlighted below;



IQ is well known for producing flashing segments of phones. however, they seem to be focused on mid-range phones too. they are going to launch this model in June in India. The expected price of this smartphone is about 20,000 to 25,000 in India. The price may go up when it comes to the Nepali market.

One Plus Nord 2

One plus is about to launch their nord series in India very soon. The model name of this smartphone is nord c5g. The phone is expected to be launched in Indian in the last week of June. The price of this smartphone is not revealed yet. when it reach to Nepali market there will be some price difference.

Samsung Galaxy M3

This model might get launched in India very soon. Samsung is all set to reveal its model. The A-series and M series may get released at the end of June. This model may take time to get launched in Nepal. Because no official sources have revealed any information on these models.

VIVO 21e

Vivo 21 has been already launched in India and Vivo is planning to launch the lite version of Vivo 21. the model will launch name as Vivo 21e, Vivo 21se. this phone is moreover a camera phone. This phone will definitely launch in June. there are no rumors of this phone in the Nepali market. it may take time up to 3 months for the official release of this phone.

Realme x7 Max

The teasers of this smartphone have already been released. the phone is also expected to launch in India very soon. this is a mid-range smartphone that is going to be a game-changer. After this model gets launched in India it will be available very soon in Nepal too.

Realme GT

Realme is all set to launch its double processor flagship phone. which is GT this will change the gaming performance of gamers. the teaser of this phone has also get out. out of the box, you will find android 12. This phone is expected to be launched in the last week of June. There is a high chance that this phone will be not available in the Nepali market.

POCO M3 Pro 5G

This model of poco is going to be the first 5G phone from poco. the international model of this variant has already been launched. this phone is expected to be launched at the price of 28,00 approx. This is going to be the mid-range smartphone from poco. it may take time for this smartphone to get launch in Nepal.

OPPO Reno 6 Series

The phone release date in Nepal gets delayed due to the corona situation in India. this phone is expected to be launch in June very soon. This is a camera-centric phone. For normal gaming and photography. this phone is going to be one of the best smartphones from oppo. This phone may take time to get release in Nepal.

Redmi 10 series

This is another budget phone which is going to be released in Nepal very soon. This phone may get released in India in June. the price is expected to be around 15,000 to 17,000 in Nepal. this is going to be a mid-range phone with good specifications.

Redmi 10 5G Series

The red 10 series may get launched in India very soon. after the launch of this phone in India. shortly these will reach into the Nepali market. due to the ongoing situations, the launch date of this phone may vary.

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