50% of Indians Use This Method to watch the Indian Premier league for free?

indian premire league for free

Indian premier league IPL doesn’t need any introduction. It is one of the most highly watched League in India. IPL is just not a game it’s a festival in India. All of the cricket players from all around the globe participate in the Indian premier league.

IPL is broadcast live through the start network and Hotstar. If you have a t.v in your home you can easily watch all the matches on your television. But if you don’t have a t.v in your home you can subscribe to the Hotstar VIP. Hotstar allows you to watch ipl live from your phone or desktop. you need to pay a certain amount of money for a Hotstar subscription.

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How People Watch IPL Indian Premier League

Indian premier league for free

People always find an easy method for anything. Only 50% of the people subscribe to the hot start VIP. other watch ipl from the third party application or websites. This is the major problem for Hotstar. They are trying hard to reduce the piracy of the IPL.

if all the people who are really interested in watching IPL start to buy subscriptions. Hotstart will gonna make money overnight. There are millions of people who want to watch IPL. It is one of the most loved sports in here India.

There are many reasons why IPL is the most popular league in India. Basically, we can say that cricket is the home of India. Indians are very fascinated by cricket for a very long time. The one main reason why the IPL is popular is because of its prize money. IPL gives the biggest opportunity for a player to earn money. The reward for a player is very high. The IPL has the sponsorship from biggest mobile phone companies such as oppo Vivo. These companies funded millions of money for a One IPL event.

If you have a good amount of money it’s better to watch IPL from the hot start because they provide an immersive experience through their High definition picture quality. If you can’t spend much money on IPL. Then you should go for Alternatives.

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