Free Download E-commerce Website Source Code for College Project Using PHP

free e commerce website code using php

I’m openly publishing the full source code of my e-commerce website built with PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Use this customizable e-commerce platform to build your marketplace for school coding projects.

The codebase handles product listings, cart flows, payments, and more so you can focus on enhancing skills versus reinventing basics. Out-of-the-box features immediately empower store owners and customers while a clean structure promotes easy modifications.

  • PHP – Backend logic and database interactions
  • MySQL – Managing product inventory and order data
  • HTML & CSS – Frontend markup and styling
  • JavaScript – Client-side interactions

Together they create a high-performance foundation.

Owner Admin Functionalities

The admin dashboard makes managing inventory, orders, and offerings a breeze including:

  • Add/Edit Product Categories
  • Upload Products with Pricing + Photos
  • Configure Percentage or Fixed Coupon Codes
  • View Gross Sales + Stripe Payment Totals
  • See Best Selling Items Dashboard Widget
  • Manage deliveries
  • Manage user information

And more! Customize and expand your admin features.

Customer | User Side Functionalities

Customers can browse, purchase items, and track orders:

  • Search and Filter Products by Category
  • Add Items & Quantities to Shopping Cart
  • Apply Coupon Codes at Checkout
  • Securely Check with Card via Stripe
  • See Previous Orders + Statuses
  • Receives updates

Get Started…

Can I code my own ecommerce website?

Yes, you can code your own ecommerce website. The source code I’m providing gives you a complete foundation to build on top of your products, branding, features, and customizations. It handles the complex backend functionality so you can focus on front-end coding.

What is the code for an e-commerce business?

The code includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL. HTML handles structure, CSS the styling, JS the interactivity, PHP the backend logic like cart and checkout flows, and MySQL stores and manages the product catalog plus orders.

How do I create an online e-commerce site?

Download the source code as the starting point. Set up a local web server environment. Customize the design and assets. Populate with your products. Enhance functionality as desired. Deploy online to register a domain, get hosting, and go live!

E-commerce website source code free download

You can download my complete e-commerce website source code from the gigabunch website.

Source code for e-commerce website in HTML and CSS

The code I’m providing uses more than just HTML and CSS. It also incorporates PHP for backend functionality along with JavaScript and MySQL database support.

Source code for e-commerce website free

Yes, my custom e-commerce website source code is 100% free to download and use for commercial or personal projects at

Responsive e-commerce website source code free download

The code I am providing is fully responsive out-of-the-box, adapting to any screen size. Free to download from my site.

E-commerce website using HTML CSS and JavaScript source code GitHub

While GitHub has lots of web code, I suggest starting with my full-featured e-commerce website code instead for beginner-friendly use.

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