Everything You Should Know About Storage Treasure in 2022

Storage Treasure

The storage treasure has become well-known to the public. They are currently one of the most popular and reliable storage auction websites. A person can use Storage Treasure to advertise their overdue units on their website. They are providing the advertisement posting facility for a very long period of time.

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Here are the best tips for advertisers and buyers to follow in storage treasure.

Choose Best Image | Picture

It is suggested that the seller should choose the best image. If you’re looking to sell your past-due units. The image is the most important aspect of every advertisement. Whether or if the first impression is sufficient to entice the buyer. He/she has a very good probability of purchasing your units, which are kept in storage treasure.

To get the best picture you can use your DSLR camera or your cell phone. Note ( Keep your Camera resolution to 1600×1200). This is the best resolution for a picture to get posted on the website. Do not remove any items from the until and click the picture bit from the unit. Take 6-12 high-quality pictures. Try taking the images of the unit from every possible angle for instance;

  • Top left
  • Top right
  • Bottom left
  • Bottom right

In this way, you can get a clear and proper image. Make sure all the units are visible in the pictures. Lastly, close and lock the door or slider of the unit and place a lock tag. Finally, take the last picture of the door with the lock tag. This process is done for the assurance of the buyer.

Arrange And Upload Photo on The Storage Treasure

There are lots of mistakes people are making while uploading the picture to the website. Copy all the images to your computer from the mobile phone or camera. The unit’s entire picture has to be uploaded at the first followed by other secondary images. Make sure to upload the lock tag at the last.

Never use any images which are blurry and inappropriate. Images matter the most that’s why to spend your little time arranging the images before posting. Don’t upload any duplicated images and doors (unit number).

Description About Unit Content

The buyer will find it very difficult unless you describe it very well. Describe every element which has been shown in the picture. This makes it easier for bidders to bid for the units. For instance, write ( Units appears to contain) and list all the items.

Double-check the images before typing all the items in the description box. Make sure to explain the missing items in the units.

Check Catagories

There will be a lot of categories. Select the categories according to the units. This makes it easier for both the buyer and the seller. Don’t check the categories which are totally different from the listed items.

Length of The Time

When it comes to auctions, timing is crucial in the bidding process. For the greatest outcomes, the length of time an auction is up for bidding is critical. The auction must stop by the date specified in your auction lean notice. Set the auction to begin seven to ten days before the conclusion of the sale.

If many units are to be sold on the same day, the auction must conclude within facility office hours. If numerous units are to be sold on the same day, Thursday is the ideal day to end the auction. each unit’s finish time should be 5 minutes apart. For instance, the first unit finishes at 10 a.m., the next at 10:05 a.m., and so on.

Cleaning Deposit and Clean out Duration

Setting a $100 cleaning deposit, according to experts, is the ideal option. The bidder will get a complete reimbursement of the money once the facility verifies that the bidder has removed all goods and broom cleaned the unit. It also suggests establishing a 72-hour clean-out period. This will encourage buyers from afar to participate in your auction.

Finally, preview and publish the choice. It is recommended that you contact the knowledgeable customer service staff at Storage Treasures or your dedicated business development manager. If you require any more support or training.

Customer support of Storage Treasures (480) 397-6503

Email Address support@storagetreasures.com

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