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Vs code is undoubtedly one of the most prior applications for beginner to expert programmers or coders. Vs is a popular coding platform tool that supports many features. Apart from the elements, the versatility of this application is unmatched by the rest of the coding platforms and applications.

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According to the expert VS is known to be the No 1 editor in 2022 for developers. On average, a programmer would spend more than 16+ hours a week on the application. This totally suggests that the editor has a high number of users from all around the world.

If you are a developer or trying to start developing numerous apps, websites or any programs then VS Code i.e often known as visual studio code can be a great option in 2023. As it supports numerous languages now.

Is VS Code Free?

yes, vs code is absolutely free. Anyone can download and start the journey of a developer at any time with visual studio.

it’s free for all operating systems like mac os, windows, Linux, and more…

How Much Space Is Needed For VS Code?

The visual studio code is a very light application without any extensions and resources solely the application is less than 500 MB. However, with the updates in the year, these numbers may exceed.

But you don’t need to worry about it because VS can be run on very limited-specs laptops or desktops.

Is VS a Better Option For Beginners Developers?

with a very minimalistic design and UI visual studio is undoubtedly one of the greatest editor software for beginners. it can help devs to learn and implement the code more efficiently.

How To Download VS Code For Free?

Downloading Visual studio code is a very simple task. However because of the cookie and session error from the client or the server side. there may get some problems to arise while downloading the application.

We at gigabunch are here to help you with the problem.

Steps to be followed while downloading VS Code

Step 1: Go to this Vs Official Site

Step 2: There you will see 3 different options i.e mac, windows, and Linux. Select your operating system.

Step 3: Once you click on your Operating system option. The application will be automatically downloaded to your computer.


Step 4: Go to downloads on your computer and install the application.

Step 5: Open The app and start your coding journey.

The mentioned steps are applicable to all kinds of operating systems whether it’s windows, mac, Linux, or any other system.

Download VS Code

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