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There are many digital marketing tools available. however the tool which has a significant role is very less. In order to gain massive traffic. the structure and website post should be seo friendly. The list of the tools which can help you in digital marketing are listed below;

Keywords Everywhere

keyword plays and vital role regarding the selection of any topics. If the keyword is unused and unsearched there is a high chance that your site never gets rank into google. keywords everywhere is a chrome extension. you can get it for free. it has various uses. On the right side of Google, it will show the searched keyword from google. you can upgrade to the premium version of this software to unlock other features.

SEO quake


Seo quake extension is useful for people who just entered into SEO. it helps to find the DA PA of the websites. apart from that, it has multiple uses. it shows Alexa ranking, google ranking, and many more. you can analyze competitor websites too. it will show the competitor whole lots of information. you can download the extension for free.


This is the perfect SEO tools designed for everyone. wappalyzer helps you to see the backend elements of anyone website. you can look closely at what your competitor is doing with his website. This is a free and helpful tool you can download this extension for free.


Grammarly is the live savior extension for every content creator. Grammarly extension automatically detects the grammar mistakes in your content. it suggests you the best alternative for your grammatical mistake. you can download the Grammarly basic extension for free. you can upgrade to the premium version to unlock other features.

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