Microphone not working in Windows 10?

You can fix your microphone not working in windows 10 in just a few simple steps. sometimes it’s hard to find the exact problem because in many cases there are problems with the microphone too. And windows may not find your microphone even after inserting it into the computer. Follow the simple steps and fix your microphone.

First method.

first of all all you need to do is open your computer. click on start button. search for settings. open the setting

This will appear on your screen. now all you need to do is click on privacy and the left menu. you can see the microphone click on that icon. make sure you have allowed the microphone to access your app if not turn that on. and also look closely below the app for which you are using a microphone. for instance, if you are using zoom or skype make sure to turn that on in this way you can check whether the particular app is getting access to the microphone or not.

Second method

first of all search for the control panel. the control panel icon will appear. just click on the icon. you can see many options over there click on hardware and sound. as shown below


after opening hardware and sound click on the third option sound. just click on sound. now you need to identify your microphone over here. if the shown item is your microphone . you can see at the buttom line set as default click on that. finally click on ok and apply. in this way you can fix your microphone with the second method. one more thing which you need to do is double click on that microphone option . you can see level option just make sure that your level is set to max.

Third method

The above methods will surely helps you to fix the microphone. but in some cases the whole sound function becomes failure.

if something like this is shown in your sound option. the easiest way to fix this is to update the windows. you can simply upgrade your windows and the sound option or microphone logo will reappear at the bottom of the screen. if you are unable to fix any of these methods then simply you need to buy a tool called a sound card. this will obviously help you. Due to the reason of a hardware failure, the sound icon may not appear on your screen. to fix that simply buy a sound card which is really cheap.

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