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Manakamana smart laghubitta ipo result

The trend of an IPO in Nepal has crossed all the boundaries. The company MSLBSL has announced its initial public offering from 2021-07-01 to 2021-07-05. This is a very small IPO. Even if you apply for 1000 units. there is a very low chance. But still try out your luck. MSLBSL is a great laghubitta company and great future a head.

Company NameMSLBSL
Company Code202107011
Issue typeIPO (initial public Offering)
Share TypeOrdinary Shares
Issue DescriptionGeneral Public
Share valuePer unit share value of MsLBSL 100
Open date2021-07-01
Closed date2021-07-05

MSLBSL is a micro finance company. Acoording to the experts of the share market the price of a micro finance company gets increased drastically. We can assume that this company also has a great future.The IPO issue manager of the company is NMB capital limited. MSLBSL has about 27 branches in 12 districts of Nepal.


The background of the MSLBSL is very impressive. It is expected to reach a peak point. Once it is listed in the secondary market. The net worth of per share unit of the company is increasing. In future the trend of this increment is assumes to get higher.

Simillarly the EPS of the company gets increased with a very good result. these signals shows that the MSLBSL is a very strong micro finance company.

The company has offered about 3,63,492 units of shares. Which is very low that’s why its better to apply for a 1000 units. Apply your luck ASAP.

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Manakamana Smart Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited IPO Result,

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