Will PUBG And FreeFire Get BAN in Nepal?

pubg ban in nepal

PUBG and Freefire ban news is getting viral on social media. Undoubtedly the number of freefire and pubg players from Nepal are in Massive Number. The trend for these online games has crossed all limitations. The teenagers and adult age group people are more attracted to these multi-player online games.

However, MP Asha Kumari BK spoke in parliament today Requesting government to ban PUBG, FreeFire, etc. She claimed that this game has brought a lot of changes in the mind of teenagers. She also talks about the mental effect of these games.

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Why Nepali Politicians Doesn’t Promote Esports?

Many politicians of Nepal still don’t know about the possibility of Esports in Nepal. Rather they demotivate young people. But there is a lot of opportunities in the sector of Esports. The worldwide gaming industry is growing rapidly.

Probable reasons for PUBG and FreeFire Ban

Gigabunch has listed some of the reasons that might cause Online games ban:

  • Excessive use

The excessive use of these online games triggers many Nepali parents. They assume that their children will go on the wrong path if they start playing excessive games. They never think about the opportunity from Esports. we should promote the good side of these online games as well.

  • Mental ilness

There are no cases registered till now that cause mental illness to someone. Just because of an online game. No one discovers the hidden truth about the individual personal life and they blame the online game.

The trend for online games is increasing. The government needs to encourage gamers to represent the county to the outside world in the gaming industry.

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