Places for Free wifi

 Tired of a high bill of the internet don’t worry here are the lists of free wifi places that will really help you. You can save your precious saving from now. Below given are some places where wifi is absolutely free.

New york city (NYC)


As you are well known that the new york city never goes for sleep. But you can peacefully sleep by enjoying the free wifi of NYC. New York is a quite expensive place because of high tourist however you can save some dollars here. there are about 1 GB of speed in the free internet with a coverage of about 150 feet which is really awesome if you love to stick around your phone for a long time then new york is best for you.

Los Angles

Undoubtedly Los angles are one of the best places in America. Many places in LA has now the access to free wifi. There are about 493,163 Mobile free wifi hotspots in Los angles. If you really love surfing the internet for a long period of time then LA is the best place for you. The maximum cities of LA have good free wifi with a better range.


Miami is the dream place for many travelers. Miami is the best destination for the holiday trip. the city attracts lots of tourists over here. The best place has another best thing that is they have free wifi. This is the plus point for you if you want to post your cool pictures of Miami instantly saving some dollars on internet bills. With the good range of wifi and speed, maximum places of it have been covered with the free wifi.


If you are thinking of moving to Chicago then you are doing absolutely right because Chicago has the highest peak internet speed in some the expensive city of Chicago, you can save some of your dollars on the internet. There are many bars restaurants hotels and many more. They provide wifi for free. You can have your coffee and enjoy your Facebook and Instagram posts.

Las vegas

After covid las vegas have now opened. You can see small or big crowd concerts over there. There is not much more social distancing and things now you can enjoy life in las vegas properly. Click the beautiful city picture and post it on your Instagram because las vegas have a facility of free wifi. Now you can enjoy and show your daily life on Facebook or Instagram by saving some dollars.

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