Nepal Government All Set to Ban Jocial?| Will Jocial Agents get Behind Bar?

jocial in nepal

From the past few months, jocial gain lots of attraction from teenagers here in Nepal. The company jocial is based on the foundation of multi-level marketing and they claim that it’s the easiest way to become rich overnight. Which is not actually true. Many YouTubers and influencers promote this platform as a legit way to earn money but the Government of Nepal has clarified that It’s just a scam like unity. Which was also a multi-level marketing platform and was Ban by the government.

if we observe from the legal point of view. Jocial platform is totally illegal in Nepal. Even if the platform gives you an opportunity to earn money from it. That will be illegal here in Nepal. There are no any Law and policies in the favour of this platform. so until and unless the government sets a precise rule this kind of application will be label as a scam in Nepal. You might face legal problems for using and promoting any kind of illegal platform and software.


The crime department of Nepal has clarified that furthers study on this platform has been started. There is a high possibility that jocial will lose its existence in Nepal.

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