Easiest Way to Get NIC ASIA Dollar Card | Applied For Other Banks Too

dollar card in nepal

In earlier days doing an international transaction was very tough work from Nepal. Buying any goods or services from outside the territory of Nepal was very complex. After years of struggle. Now we will be able to buy any kinds of products or services using our international Dollar card. However, there are some limitations to the international card. provided by the commercial banks of Nepal.

Following The listed Steps. You will be able to use your own International dollar Card with which anyone can buy Netflix, Domain, Hosting, Alibaba Products, Amazon Products, and many more.

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Requirments For Dollar Card | From Nepal

dollar card in nepal

There are some of the requirements to own your Dollar card. The requirements are listed below:


The most important and basic thing is PAN Card. If you are above 18. You can apply for a PAN Card which will get ready within 5 minutes Through Nagarik App.

If you don’t know how to make your PAN Card online. Click here

  • Citizenship

Citizenship is mandatory in all kinds of Offical works. To get a US Dollar card it is compulsory that you need to have a valid citizenship card.

  • Bank Account

Almost every bank of Nepal provides the Facility of the international payment system. To get an international card you should own a bank account in any bank in Nepal. The price charges to operate the card may vary from Bank to Bank.

For NIC ASIA: In the context of NIC ASIA Bank the charge for starting a card is comparatively cheap. Firstly you need to pay 350 in the NIC ASIA to own a dollar card. The first top-up payment for a USD is free. After that, you will need to pay 250 for every Dollar topup.

Additional Tips Before you operate Dollar Card


There are many minor things that you need to remember before operating your dollar card. For NIC ASIA you can apply for a dollar card online. You need to go to nic Asia’s official site and fill up the form for the USD Card. The online process may take some time.

If you need a card in a very short time. It’s better to visit near bank Branch and fill up all the details. Before visiting the bank don’t forget to carry your passport size photo. The bank asks for a KYC update for that you will need a one PP size image.

Following the above-mentioned easy steps. You will have your dollar card within 2 days. When you receive a message of confirmation from the bank. Go near nic Asia ATM and change your pin. One OTP will be sent to your phone. Press those digits and change the Pin code of the card.

For more information click here

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