Mero Share User Login?

Problem in mero share user login? here you can fix or login to mero share in less than a minute. mero share has helped a lot of investors to invest their money in the stock market. mero share is a mobile application that is very easy to use. however, some problems may occur in mero share due to technical issues. such as application glitches, bugs, and many more. but you can fix your mero share id within a minute.

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Overview of Meroshare

what is mero share? this may be a question for you. well, mero share is a share application that helps in filling up IPO. IPO is an initial public offering that is offered by many companies. Mero share helps users to invest in IPO within a few steps. in the previous days, people used to visit banks to apply for an IPO. But now you can fill any IPO from your smartphone within a minutes. this application has brought a revolutionary change in the share market of Nepal.

Problems in the mero share app?

Mero share is a mobile application which is developed by CDSC to provide easy facility to the user. the app was launched on September 16, 2020. initially, the app was launched in the beta version. now the application is fully completed and available in the play store and AppStore. But the app has some technical errors which make irritation for the user. some of the errors or failure in the mero share app are ;

  • Connection Failed
  • applying IPO Failure
  • My EDIS problem
  • Portfolio problem
  • App loading time

Why these problem occur in Meroshare App?

The number of users for the mero share app is increasing day by day. the trend of the stock market has crossed the limits. At the beginning phase of the application, there were a limited number of uses for the application. But the number of users in the mero share app has increased drastically within the months. the app hasn’t given any option for updates too. the main reason for the app glitch is because of its high user. However, the app is fixing its bug and maintaining the backend of the website and application.

How to fix all problems in Mero share?

The application glitch makes the user very irritated. the share market is the crucial application. Millions of data are stored in the database of the application. CDSC is making changes in the app. however the problems of the app are not finished yet. the app makes it difficult for the person who is applying for IPO. But in many ways, you can avoid this problem and still use the app. without any problem some of the methods for avoiding these problems are listed below;

  • Clear cache

Cache this is not a problem but you need to clear the cache after opening the mero share app. this problem may not occur frequently but after opening the mero share the app and it shows an error or anything. simply you need to clear the cache memory of your phone. clearing cache is very easy just click the left shown button of your phone screen and click on the option clear all. in this way, you can fic the basic problem of mero share.

  • Login Time

Time plays and major role regarding the mero share login. the user of the mero share app is in a massive number. during the peak hour, the app becomes very slow. sometimes the server may crash due to the excessive number of the user. you need to log in to the app off the peak hour. you can keep on trying to log in but the best way is to log in to the app after 5oclock. major offices are closed after 5 pm. some amount of user becomes fewer in this period of time.

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