How to make 10$ a day from Bitcoin

You can now make 10$ per day from a bitcoin. bitcoin has always been a leading cryptocurrency if you are interested in bitcoin you can actually mine the coins through your phone it’s very easy and convenient to mine the bitcoin. Follow the steps to make huge bitcoins from the day it doesn’t matter whether your device is ios or android you can mine from any suitable phone that has good storage and RAM.

Follow the steps to make huge Bitcoin from today

Go to


This is the site where we gonna download the app for bitcoin mining and on the site top you can see a search button and you can just type miner. There you can see bitcoin miner for ios/android.go ahead and click on the icon.

Click for an installation

Click the installation icon the bitcoin miner will start to download in some cases of the android phone if you are using from chrome dialogue box will appear telling this may harm your device ignore that and start to download. this app is totally free and safe to use.

Go to play store/AppStore

The site will automatically redirect you into AppStore in case it doesn’t redirect go to AppStore and for android go for play store and search for Norton secure VPN and download that. You actually need a VPN to run this application on your phone.

Go to AppStore/play store

You again need to download another VPN name CyberGhost VPN install the VPN again on your device. this is the only way to mine bitcoin on your phone.

Create account

After the download process gets complete create an account on both the VPN ghost app and Norton. When you complete the account creation process go for a bitcoin miner application it will start to run. You can delete that app later and use the bitcoin app miner by charging your phone and you can run that app during your work and night.

for more information about bitcoin click here

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