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Google Drive was launched on April 24, 2014. the app for android and ios was later released in June 2012. Google has always being a dominating platform. there is no equal competition of any websites with google. it has helped its users on every platform. from youtube to google docs. it is all managed by google. most of the services which are provided by Google are free. however, there is some platform in which you need to pay some amount to unlock its features.

Following these easy simple steps you will be able to use google drive unlimited storage.

Why Google Drive storage is important?

we all know that our phone storages are not enough for us. to minimize the problem google has launched its storage system. later this becomes a life-change tool for students, programmers, or anyone. you can store high-quality images or anything you like. The physical hard drive may get damaged by certain factors but once you store it in google drive then there will be no worries of such external factors.

Limitation in Google Drive storage

there are some limitations here. users will be unable to store data after completing their 15GB storage on google drive. You can upgrade to the pro version. you can buy from 15GB to 2TB. for 2TB plan you will need to pay 100$ for 1 year and if you go for monthly. then it will cost around 10$ per month. which is quite expensive this is the limitation of google drive.

Methods to get Drive storage for free


There are various ways which claim to be effective. however you can follow this simple steps to get drive storage for free;

  • Get an Education Email address

This is the easiest way to get a drive for free. the drive is free for students. now all you need to do is go to google and search for an Edu email provider. there are many email providers. you can go with anyone you like.

The next step is to go to and search for the drive for students. Click on the first site. there you will need to fill up your personal details. along with your Edu email. Google may ask for valid student cards sometimes. in most cases, Google doesn’t ask.

  • Verification process

In the verification process, Google will send an OTP code to your temporary Email. you need to visit the site from where you get and temporary Edu email. at the top there will be code or notification. note that the otp code will only appear if you have created an account on that temporary email providing site.

  • Final step

After completing the verification process. you are good to go. if google once verified you you can store many GB of data in the drive from now. this is the easiest technique to get drive unlimited storage. we recommend not to store your crucial information into that drive because the data may get hacked sometimes. however, the chances are very low.

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