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Jason Momoa brings magic to Netflix in Slumberland. An actor who embarks on a journey into the world of dreams with a girl searching for someone lost at sea takes us on an amazing adventure. Young Nemo is introduced to city life by Slumberland,

Complete with her obnoxious uncle and a school that resembles a prison, at least according to her father. A small stuffed pig that belonged to her father takes her one night into her legendary Flip dream realm and transforms her mundane existence.

A brave young orphan travels through a dream kingdom with a larger-than-life criminal and discovers a precious pearl that grants her deepest wishes, according to the film’s Netflix synopsis.

A girl who wants to see her father again and her eccentric boyfriend who just wants to have fun accompany her on a fantastic journey. What kind of experiences will they have on their dream trip and will they achieve their goals? Will young Nemo be able to return to the real world and live the new life she’s having trouble adjusting to after meeting her father?

Characters From Slumberland

Here are the characters from the show:

  • Nemo
  • Flip
  • Kyle Chandler
  • Philip
  • Agent Green
  • Arya

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Where Can I Watch Slumberland Online?

Netflix is ​​currently a subscription service with no free trial, so you can’t theoretically watch movies for free. On the plus side, you can get a free subscription to the site with the help of some telecom deals. But make sure you’ve taken advantage of these offers already.


The hit movie is ready to join Netflix’s amazing collection after just one week in theaters. As of November 18, 2022, only Netflix is ​​making the film available for streaming. Releases are typically at 12: PM PT/3: PM ET/1: PM 30 PM IST.

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