Quick Guide To Stream The Black Phone In 2022

how to watch the black phone

All the hostile parts of Ethan Hawke seem to be getting better and better. Next is the Black Phone. This summer, a supernatural Blumhouse horror movie will be screened in the theater. It is directed by Scott Derrickson (Doctor Strange, The Exorcism of Emily Rose) and is based on Joe Hill’s 2004 short story of the same name. Hawk also starred Mason Thames, Madeleine McGraw, Jeremy Davies, James Ransone, and E. Roger Michell.

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Set in 1978, it is chasing a young man kidnapped by a mysterious wizard to find out he is not alone. Through a broken phone in the basement where he is detained, he immediately contacts the other prisoners of the kidnapper. They are all small children. Hawk plays an evil wizard and kidnapper who terrorizes the village, making him a prominent adversary of the story.

Characters From Movie The Black Phone

Gigabunch ( a popular web portal for web series and movies has listed some of the characters from the movie the black phone below ):

  • Mason Thames
  • Madeleine McGraw
  • Ethan Hawke
  • Jeremy Davies
  • E. Roger Mitchell
  • Troy Rudeseal
  • James Ransone
  • Miguel Cazarez Mora
  • Rebecca Clarke
  • J. Gaven Wilde
  • Spencer Fitzgerald
  • Jordan Isaiah White
  • Brady Ryan
  • Tristan Pravong
  • Jacob Moran
  • Brady Hepner
  • Banks Repeta
  • Parrish Stikeleather

These are some of the actors from the show the black phone.

Where Is The Black Phone Movie Streaming

Universal Pictures has a contract with Peacock. Black Phones and other movies from the production company can be found on this streaming service after the movie is released. Jurassic World Dominion is another movie that Peacock Premium customers expect.

When is streaming accurate? Movies are usually added about 45 days after theatrical release. The Black Phone was screened in theaters on June 24th this year, so it may be available for streaming services as early as mid-August.

how to watch the black phone

How To Watch The Black Phone Online?

Visiting our website is the only easy way to stream Black Phone for free without downloading anything. Black telephones are now available online here. The movie was released in on2022 and has 0 votes on IMDb with an average rating of 0.

This movie is also available in English, French, and Spanish. Click the appropriate flag below to switch languages. If you want to download or stream the entire The Black Phone, we recommend that you legalize it. This movie can be purchased or viewed on authorized websites.

Watch The Black Phone

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