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How to create broker account online in nepal

The craze of the stock market in Nepal has no limitations. According to the cdsc there are more than 43 lakh, dmat holders, till now. The chances of getting an IPO are very rare. There are ten times double applicants for a single IPO. The competition is very massive in number. Nowadays people are attracted to secondary markets. The market has risk and earnings as well. Higher the risk higher the profit.

However, there are only limited people who trade and invest in secondary markets. Trading in the secondary market needs a lot of research technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and many more. There are several factors that determine the share price. That’s why we need to research and analyze a lot.

In order to Buy and Sell stocks. You will need a broker account. Brokers are the ones who help you in buying and selling shares. The online system has made it comfortable for people to trade. Normally if we start making broker account offline. it may take up to 1 month. However, there are some of the best brokers which provide online account opening services. Now from home, you will be able to create a broker account.

To create your Broker account in the Nepal share market. Follow the below given simple steps:

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Boker Account in nepal

Select Broker

There are more than 50 brokers in Nepal. Some of them are best where some of them are worst. Broker no 44 is one of the reliable and best brokers in nepal. The services are very impressive. within 24 hours they will provide you a broker account online.

Open the Website

Secondly, open the website of your desired broker. you can reach up to your desired broker by typing their code number on google. once you open the website you will see the option of login and register. We will click on the register option.

Regestration process

after clicking on registration. you will see the form of the respective broker. Filling up the form may take time. You need to give every little information. Do not forget to write your bank account number and BOID number. These data are very crucial. One error can damage up to your secondary market journey.


When you complete all the processes. the last step is the submission process. All you need to do is simply click on submit button. Accept all the terms and policies that are formed by an company. The broker will send the ID and password of the secondary market in your email. A good broker will send your info within 24 hours. However, the worst one may take up to 1 month or more. Select your broker wisely.

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