Here are The Best 5 Ways to Use Tiktok Auto Liker

tiktok autoliker

Tiktok has now become a popular social media app on the internet. The application has the highest download of all time. People from all around the globe are interested in the short videos making app. Instagram, youtube has copied the concept of TikTok. Now, these giant companies are alose moving forward towards the short video streaming platform.

Everybody wants to increase likes and followers in their TikTok. But due to the TikTok algorithm and other factors. People are unable to gain a lot of popularity. But gigabunch has listed some of the best ways to increase likes on your TikTok.

Follow these simple steps to gets more visitors to your short clips videos :

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Go for an Chrome Browser

To get a maximum like for your videos. All you need to do is go to chrome and open google. Search for This is one of the legit websites that can provide genuine likes and followers for your videos.


Click on the first website that appears after searching in google. The website portal will be open.

Select Option

There are many options for your videos. You can get hearts, views, comments,s and share too. If you need alike for your tiktok video. Click on the heart option.

Type your User Name

Once you choose your option. The website will ask for your tiktok user name. Type the user name i.e provided by the tiktok. Your name will appear on your screen. Now select your profile.

Send likes


Once you select your desired video. You will see the option of a send likes. Click on that option. There are other options such as the follower increasing option. Comment option and many more.

The above-suggested method is very easy and reliable to use. Getting huge fan followers in a limited time can be difficult. Fbsub here slove your maximum tension. Within 2 minutes, you will have maximum followers, likers. The chances of getting your video viral are very high.

There is a potential risk for using these kinds of third-party sites for increasing likes. To avoid such risk try this method on your secondary tiktok account. For more security use a VPN.

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