Here’s How You Can Watch Shazam Fury of The Gods Online 2023

shazam fury of the gods

Also known as Captain Marvel, Shazam made his first modern film debut in 2019 when DC released the seventh installment of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Former Disney star Asher Angel plays Billy Batson in the film. After being chosen as a champion by an old wizard, Billy gains the ability to transform into a superhero by pronouncing

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“Shazam,” and the film’s plot revolves around Billy. It was in development from the beginning but ran into several delays, roadblocks, and cast changes before finally airing in 2018. Shazam! It was a box office success upon release and received positive reviews. A sequel was announced shortly after its release. 

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On March 17, 2023, Shazam! Wrath of the Gods will hit cinemas only. The film was originally scheduled to release on April 1, 2021, but delayed to that date (first his November 4, 2021, then March 17, 2023) It was ultimately due to his COVID-19 pandemic.

There have been further delays, but it looks like this final date will hold. In the first Shazam! ‘Fury of the Gods’ teaser Zachary Levi’s adult superhero Billy appears to be battling impostor syndrome and talks to the doctor about it.

Where Can I Watch Shazam Fury of The Gods?

Shazam Wrath of the Gods is not available to watch online for free as there is no option to stream the movie. HBO and DC Entertainment are both part of Warner Bros., so the film will eventually air on HBO Max.

shazam fury of the gods

HBO isn’t known for offering free trials of its service, so it seems unlikely that those who want to watch Shazam 2 online completely free will be able to. No date has been announced yet, but it is likely to launch in late May or early June 2023, based on Black Adam’s release window. 

Watch Shazam Fury of The Gods Online

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