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jury duty

Are you doing your jury duty? If not, you should. A new comedy series that has become a hot topic on the internet. The program’s main character is Ronald Gladden, an ordinary man who agrees to participate in a documentary about the jury selection process.

However, unbeknownst to him, Ronald is surrounded by charming people, all involved in jokes while recording a comedy show about an arguably unrealistic process. Another famous name on the jury, James Marsden, is also in attendance. The Hairspray actor, who plays the fictional version of himself, does an excellent job of convincing Ronald.

It’s a ridiculously free streaming service and a show that everyone raves about. That’s right, the comedy-documentary series Jury Duty, FreeVee’s version of The Truman Show (1990s Jim His Carrie movie in which the protagonist has his life played out and everyone he thinks he knows is unaware that he is an actor). With his three-week civil trial in a Los Angeles

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Courtroom, the new series has 12 actors on the jury, not including one. Co-created by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, Jury Duty is hilarious, inspirational, and forever able to question reality. James Marsden is a cast member. 

Where To Watch Jury Duty Online For Free?

Amazon streaming service FreeVee is, as the name suggests, free. Watch on the Amazon website or on your mobile device, streaming media player, or smart TV using the FreeVee app. If you have an Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, the app should be available. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can watch it on Prime Video as well. In addition to unique content such as Jury Duty, FreeVee also offers a wide selection of famous movies and TV series on demand. The only caveat? advertisement. (Come on, that’s what you expected.) 

Watch Jury Duty Online

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