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No wonder Yellowstone was the most-watched cable TV show in 2021. The dramatic tale of the Dutton family ranch is full of cliffhangers and perfect for binge-watching. We adore Yellowstone’s characters, especially Rip Wheeler’s portrayal of Cole Hauser

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Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton, and can’t wait to see how the mesmerizing show turns out. Please! It’s still going on. 1883’s fifth season premiered on November 13th, with 14 all-new episodes, and two other of his spin-offs, 1923 and 6666, are also in the works.

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Characters From Yellowstone Season 5

Here are some of the appearing and expected characters appearing in the show.

  • John Dutton
  • Kayce Dutton
  • Beth Dutton
  • Jamie Dutton
  • Roarke Carter
  • Rip Wheeler
  • Jimmy Hurdstrom
  • Monica Long Dutton
  • Chief Thomas Rainwater
  • Tate Dutton
  • John Dutton Sr
  • Malcolm Beck
  • Willa Hayes
  • Dan Jenkins
  • Ryan
  • Angela Blue Thunder
  • Teeter
  • Colby
  • Caroline Warner

How To Watch Yellowstone Season 5 Online?

The past few years have been a fascination for viewers of the critically acclaimed Western Yellowstone. The show’s fifth season picks up where the devastating season finale left off earlier this year. For some fans, the wait is even shorter with the select few who can see the series in advance.

His two episodes, the first of Yellowstone’s fifth season, are the first of season four. It will air on Sunday, November 13th on the Paramount Network, ten months after the end of The next series will have 10 episodes, just like the previous one.

Cable subscribers will be able to watch the show on the Paramount Network or the Paramount Network app at the start of Season 5. Here’s where it gets a little tricky: The new streaming service Paramount+ (which will include all show derivatives, including 1883) has no shows. At this point Peacock also becomes inaccessible.


If you don’t have cable, you can purchase new episodes from Vudu, iTunes, or Amazon Prime. Please note that even if you purchase an episode, you may not have immediate access to it.

Watch Yellowstone Online

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