How to use saveig? Should you use it?

How to use saveig

saveig? Instagram is gaining a whole lot of popularity from all around the world. It is the most used application in the whole universe. Instagram is own by mark Zucker burg who is also the founder of Facebook. Instagram isn’t more flexible than other applications. Facebook, Google, TikTok all apps permit to download videos and photos from their platform. But Instagram isn’t more flexible like these popular sites. Because of the privacy issue and many other things. Instagram doesn’t allow their user to download any kind of material from their platforms.


some pictures and videos are really important for us. But we became unable to download it from Instagram because of their terms and conditions. to minimize this problem saveig is the best alternative application. with the multiple functions and features. The app can help you with lots of problems. In few seconds you can have anyone’s IG pictures, videos, or stories on your phone.

How to Use saveig?

How to use saveig

It is very dynamic appliaction and is very easy to use. If you have used any app like this before then you can operate the application very easily. You can follow these easy methods and can learn to use high setting for saveig;

  • STEP 1

saveig is available in both AppStore and the website. if you prefer using Instagram from the desktop or laptop. You need not download the application. If you are using an android or ios then simply you can download the application from AppStore or play store.


How to use saveig
  1. Go to and search for your desired image or video.
  2. After reaching the post on the right side you can see 3 DOTS
  3. Click on the 3 DOTS line
  4. Press in the copy link option
  5. Go to
  6. paste the link into the search box
  7. Click on download and your videos or image on Instagram will get save into your computer
  • STEP 2


How to use saveig
  1. Go to the play store or AppStore
  2. Download the application
  3. Run the application into your phone
  4. Go to Instagram click on the video or photo that you like to download
  5. On the right-hand side, you can see 3 DOTS click on the DOTS
  6. Press on the copy link option
  7. Return to the saveig application paste the link
  8. Click on the download option and your videos or images will get automatically downloaded

Should you use saveig?

How to use saveig

Many people will think about twice using the application. But there is no need to fear the application is completly safe. it does not vilot any rules and regulations. without any hesigation you can use the application saveig for absolutely free. The application is very easy to use. you can actaully use the multiple features that the application provides to you. Download the application and gets your images or videos into the phone directly.

Apps Like saveig

How to use saveig

In past few years app like saveig are gaining lots of postive response from their users. These type of unique application is liked by evryone. Some of the popular alternative for the saveig are;

These listed app are very similar to the saveig you can do similar things that you can do in the saveig. Downloading the instagram photos is all possible because of the application like these. Its free and very safe to use.

Can we download private Ig videos from saveig

How to use saveig

No, you cannot download anyone’s Instagram private videos or pictures. But if he/she has accepted your follow request then you can download his/her private videos or pictures. It’s very easy to download click on the video or image you want to download and copy the link paste it into the saveig and you will have his/ her private Instagram photos/ videos for free.

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