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The plot of Scream VI picks up where it left off in the last movie. Sam and Tara Carpenter, played by Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega, are half-sisters who move to New York City to start a new chapter in their lives. Best friends, twins Chad and Mindy Meeks Martin are also traveling together (Mason Gooding and Jasmine Savoy Brown).

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They all believe New York will give them a second chance after surviving Ghostface’s previous attack, but the determined killer is back and following in their footsteps… Gale. Fan favorites such as Weathers (Courtney Cox) and Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere), as well as many newcomers return in this latest installment in the series. Identifying a new Ghostface is certainly a difficult task. 

If you want to enjoy Scream VI from the comfort of your couch, you’ll have to wait a little longer for its digital release. Hopefully not too many, if history shows! The first film in the series, Scream (2022), hits theaters in mid-January 2022.

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A month and a half later, in early March, it became available for streaming on Paramount+ following its digital release. No specific release date has been announced, but Paramount + subscribers will be able to see Scream VI in the future. Scream will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in the first week of April 2022, following the same schedule as its predecessor’s home media release.

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Scream 6 hits theaters starting March 10, 2023 and is a theatrical exclusive, so it will only be out for the first few months. This will prevent Ghostface from finding you at home, but you’ll have to leave home to see Scream 6 on the giant screen. Scream 6 is currently not available for streaming as it is a theatrical-only release.

scream 6

This means you have to see it in theaters first. Upon completion of its US theatrical release, Scream 6 will launch its streaming service on Paramount Plus. Finally, we get to see the infamous movie villain Ghostface kick his victims out of the comfort (and safety) of their homes.

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