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As the year comes to a close, Netflix is unwrapping a holiday treat for fans of gripping crime thrillers with the release of “Berlin.” This action-packed series, a prequel to the wildly successful Money Heist, is set to drop between Christmas and New Year, making it the perfect binge-worthy show to indulge in during the festive season.

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Understanding the Context

Even if you haven’t delved into the world of Money Heist, fear not. “Berlin” stands strong on its own, requiring minimal knowledge of its predecessor. However, for those seeking a bit of background, our concise recap will introduce you to the key players, ensuring you enjoy “Berlin” with confidence.

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Who is Berlin in Money Heist?

At the heart of the plot is Berlin, a pivotal crew member orchestrating a jaw-dropping heist at Spain’s Royal Mint, as depicted in seasons 1 and 2 of Money Heist. Portrayed by the enigmatic Pedro Alonso, Berlin’s character oscillates between charm and menace, earning him a special place in fans’ hearts.

“Berlin” is not without its controversies, exploring darker themes that stirred debates among viewers of Money Heist. From erratic behavior to controversial storylines, our guide sheds light on the complexities of Berlin’s character, adding depth to the narrative.

The Controversial Storyline

Delving into Berlin’s controversial relationship during the Royal Mint heist, we address the challenging plot involving Ariadna Cascales. Our exploration provides insight into the character’s polarizing actions and the subsequent impact on viewer perspectives.

The Demise of Berlin

Without revealing too much, we touch upon the poignant end of Berlin’s journey during the Royal Mint heist in Money Heist season 2. His sacrifice, intertwined with a terminal illness diagnosis, adds a layer of tragedy to the character’s narrative.

Setting the Stage for “Berlin”

Netflix tantalizes viewers with a sneak peek into the prequel’s setting, offering a glimpse into Berlin’s glory days and the grand heist that unfolds in Paris. Directed by David Barrocal, Geoffrey Cowper, and Albert Pintó, “Berlin” promises a thrilling journey into the character’s past.

Release Date and Cast

Get ready to mark your calendars! We reveal the highly anticipated release date for “Berlin” on Netflix—Friday, December 29, 2023. Additionally, we introduce you to the stellar cast, featuring familiar faces and new additions that promise to elevate the series.


As the countdown to the “Berlin” release date begins, our guide serves as your passport to the intriguing world of this Netflix hit. Dive into the intricate narrative, explore the controversies, and anticipate a thrilling ride through Berlin’s past in this eagerly awaited prequel.


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