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Anyone with even the slightest interest in movies knows Steven Spielberg. Now 76, the celebrated director has been directing feature films for over 50 years (his first, Dual, came out in 1971). He has won his two Best Director Oscars (Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan) and has been credited

with a number of true classics including Jaws, Jurassic Park, ET, and Raiders of Lost Ark.Spielberg, like many others, has started thinking about the direction of the movie business post-COVID. As he struggled to adapt to the world of Zoom that had been thrust upon us, he began to think about what would eventually become Fabelmans.

That story is told in Favelman, which Spielberg co-wrote and directed with his stable partner Tony Kushner. Growing up in both Arizona and California, the film follows Sam Favelman’s passion for cinema. Sam is largely portrayed as an adolescent by Gabrielle LaBelle, who is brilliant in the role. In addition to Seth Rogen, who plays his father’s best friend

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“Uncle” Benny, and Judd Hirsch, who plays the scene-stealing Uncle Boris, the film also features Paul Dano and Michelle Williams as Bert and Mitzi Fabelman. I am starring as Based on Steven Spielberg’s parents. The ensemble of his cast in this film is frankly underwhelming. If The Fabelmans seem generous, it’s a reasonable assumption.

Where Can I Watch The Fabelmans Online?

There are two ways to watch The Fabelmans. You can go see it at your local theater while it’s still in theaters, or rent it from services like Amazon and Apple TV and watch it at home. However, Universal produced the film. Fabelmans will likely stream exclusively on his Peacock upon release, along with other recent Universal movies like Jordan Peele’s His Nope, Ticket to Paradise, and Jurassic World Dominion.


Watch Fabelmans Online

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