5 Easy Ways To Watch Violent Night At Home

violent night

David Harbor plays Santa Claus, who struggles with existential depression while riding the wave of Stranger Things fame. After all, what has he been doing in this role for centuries? Nothing satisfies these spoiled and ungrateful modern consumers. In between his births, he drowns his dire circumstances in alcohol, which had anticipated repercussions

Santa’s trail eventually leads him to the luxurious Lightstone home. Matriarch Gertrude (Beverly D’Angelo) rules her business and her family with an iron fist and foul language. The reason for the final statement is that everyone in Hollywood agrees that there is nothing more fun than a cursing grandma, other than a cursing child.

While not sullen, the strange eye sockets with treetop stars and harlots of light only add a cold side of ingenuity to the charcoal-brained image. The ingenuity of his makeshift weapons. The ingenuity ends there. Pretty violent takedowns are packed into a wobbly plot like candied apricots in undercooked fruitcake.

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Beneath a clotted layer of maroon blood, this hilarious carnage aspires to an R rating because it reminds disgruntled Santas of the true meaning of Christmas and lazy fathers of the value of Christmas. Without trying to share her goodwill with the men of the holiday season.

family. Besides, he’s not interested in hearing it. The director of the film, Tommy Wilcola, is a logical choice for the role given his background in Gore.

Where To Watch Violent Night Online?

Violent Night will only be released in theaters on Friday, December 2nd. Fandango lets you search for shows near you. Otherwise, wait until it’s available for purchase or rental from online retailers like Amazon, Apple, Vudu, and YouTube, or just watch it on Peacock. Read below for more information.

violent night

There’s no streaming release date for Violent Night yet, but we can speculate as to when another Universal Pictures movie could be to blame. Bros, which debuted on September 30th, will be available to stream on Peacock on December 2nd, just 60 days after its theatrical release.

Watch Violent Night Online

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