3 App that Pays you more than Tiktok

Tiktok has always been a leading application all over the world. TikTok is famous for viewing short video. by the end of 2017 may musically have over 200 million user. bytedance company acquire musically on november 9 2017 and combined it into tiktok on august 2 2018. the app has about 689 million of monthly users world wide. tiktok is the most downloaded application on playstore and appstore. By the time tiktok gets banned in many countries with many issues. the countries that ban tiktok are India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Honkong, Malaysia and pakistan.

With the ban of tiktok in these countries users are seeking for app like tiktok that pays more.

Snack Video


Snackvideo is a Chinese application. which was launch in August 2018. the company was founded by sunny wu and Gordon sun. the application is trending in many countries with a huge number of monthly users and download. you can also earn good money from the app. there is the option of going live in this app you can collect your coins from the live video. there is the facility of wallet in the application through which you can withdraw your money from a bank account. the application is free to use and has lots of audiences. if you want to make more money than snack video is the best app for you. the app is similar to TikTok download the application now and start making snack videos. there is a high chance of getting viral in this app because the content is similar to TikTok and the audience is increasing rapidly.

Mx Taka Tak


Mx Takata India app. if you are searching for made in India app just like TikTok that is a good option for you. you can make a good amount of money from mx Takata. there will be lots of challenges in this app you can participate in and can make a good amount of money. if you can make good content then you should join the app now. the app was launched in July 2020. the app has more than 70 million users. there will be high chances that your content may get viral because of the high audience. the app is similar to TikTok and easy to use. the app was developed by an Indian company called MXP media.

Instagram Reels


There is no doubt that instagram is a great application. instagram is a social media site and a application launced in october 6 2010 After the ban of tiktok in india instagram has add new feature in instagram name as instagram reels this is currenctly available in more than 50 countries. instagram has a huge level if user all around globe. there is huge chance of getting viral. there is no any direct way through which you can earn money from instagarm reels. But if you content is good and has a good level of audience you can earn good amount of money that is from sponsership. The trend of becomming a social medai insfluncer is increasing and if you have good value in your content you can make good money through it.

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