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There are 100 ott platforms in the world. The collection of all shows, movies, or any live tv has been diversified. sometimes it becomes very difficult to find the movie or show that you are searching for. However, there are many applications in the world. which can provide a complete solution to this.

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These applications and websites will provide all the movies, series, or any live tv show. under the same roof. Gigabunch ( A popular web portal for the latest news, movies, and finance ) has listed some of the major apps and websites. which provide all shows under the same roof;

AceTv ( Available Free )

AceTv is probably the most effective and fruitful application on our list. The application has a collection of all the movies TV shows, live cable shows, and many more. Now if you are a fan of cricket or football you will never miss any matches because acetv will stream all the shows for absolutely free. Apart from that, you can also watch netflix shows, prime, or any other ott shows.

They have a collection of more than 1 million movies series and shows. Now you can get access to any ott platform. which is available on this planet. If you are a movie freak and never miss any live shows then acetv is a better option for you.

Livenet Tv ( Available Free )

Livenet holds the second position on our list after acetv. The interface and dashboard of this application are pretty much similar to the acetv. The app may not work sometimes due to bugs and glitches. in order to solve this problem try using any free VPN application. They may solve the problem in some cases.

The application is very easy to use. There are no ads and buffering problems. as they are using highly optimized Linux sever. similar to Netflix and prime. you can catch all the tv shows, movies or anything instantly.

Vola Sports ( Available Free )

If you are an android user and love watching sports and live cricket. The vola can be the best option for you. There is a wide range of features offered by this application. You can watch any sports or live event for free.

This application can save your money for tv and cable connection as they are providing all the sports for free. You can watch various live sports such as basketball, cricket, football, soccer, tennis, and many more.

RelaxTv ( Available Free )


The application is similar to its name. Relaxtv is one of the most popular applications of 2021. The app is streaming more than 2 million live tv channels. Apart from watching the live shows and sports. there are more additional features in the application. You can select and markup your favorite sports teams or players.

The application will pin you and send notifications whenever your favorite is live or rebroadcasted by the application. The application is currently not available in the google playstore. you can get this application from another third-party store on the internet.

AllTv Channels ( Available Free )

The last application that we are going to discuss over here is alltv channels. This application is very similar to all the applications listed above. There are many shows and live tv available in the application. The application is very easy and useful. you will not need to download any videos to watch it.

unlock free shows

you can watch anything online without downloading it. The application will not consume the big space of your device it is very lite and powerful. you can use the application on any device it’s free. there will not be any installation issues or glitches in the application.

Below listed are the live tv, movies, and series trending right now..

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