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Watch Turning Red 2022

Mary Lee, a 13-year-old Chinese-Canadian girl who is “assured and batty,” stars in the animated short. A crimson panda will emerge if she becomes very enthusiastic or stressed. Sandra Oh speaks to Min’s stern and overprotective mother, while rookie Rosalie Tian speaks to May Lee.

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Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Ava Morse, and Haein Park discuss May’s friends. Orion Lee, Wai Chin Ho, James Hong, Tristan Allerick Chen, Sasha Roiz, Addy Chandler, and Lily San Felippo are cast, members.

Domee Shi, who directed the Academy Award-winning short film Bao, wrote and directed “I Sometimes Lesser.” The 33-year-old director made history as the first woman to direct a Pixar feature picture on her own with “I Sometimes Lesser.”

The Real Voice Behind The Turning Red

Gigabunch ( a popular tech web portal for movies and series has listed some of the voices behind the Turning Red ):

  • Mei Lee voiceMei Lee
  • voiced by Rosalie ChiangRosalie Chiang
  • Ming Lee voiceMing Lee
    voiced by Sandra OhSandra Oh
  • Jin Lee voiceJin Lee
    voiced by Orion LeeOrion Lee
  • Miriam voiceMiriam
    voiced by Ava MorseAva Morse
  • Priya voicePriya
    voiced by Maitreyi RamakrishnanMaitreyi Ramakrishnan
  • Abby voiceAbby
    voiced by Hyein ParkHyein Park
  • Tyler voiceTyler
    voiced by Tristan Allerick ChenTristan Allerick Chen
  • Grandma voiceGrandma
    voiced by Wai Ching HoWai Ching Ho
  • Auntie Chen voiceAuntie Chen
    voiced by Lori Tan ChinnLori Tan Chinn
  • Lily voiceLily
    voiced by Mia TaganoMia Tagano
  • Helen voiceHelen
    voiced by Sherry ColaSherry Cola
  • Auntie Ping voiceAuntie Ping
    voiced by Lillian LimLillian Lim
  • Mr. Gao voiceMr. Gao
    voiced by James HongJames Hong
  • Mr. Kieslowski voiceMr. Kieslowski
    voiced by Sasha RoizSasha Roiz
  • Devon voiceDevon
    voiced by Addie ChandlerAddie Chandler
  • Stacy Frick voiceStacy Frick
    voiced by Lily SanfelippoLily Sanfelippo
  • Robaire voiceRobaire
    voiced by Jordan FisherJordan Fisher
  • Jesse voiceJesse
    voiced by Finneas O’ConnellFinneas O’Connell
  • Aaron T. voiceAaron T.
    voiced by Topher NgoTopher Ngo
  • Tae Young voiceTae Young
    voiced by Grayson VillanuevaGrayson Villanueva
  • Aaron Z. voice Aaron Z.
  • voiced by Josh LeviJosh Levi

How To Watch Turning Red in OTT Platfrom

Turning Red is available to Disney + subscribers for free on their TVs, computers, cellphones, and other streaming devices. It costs $ 7.99 per month (or $ 79.99 per year) for a monthly membership, or $ 13.99 per month if you combine Hulu and ESPN + with your subscription.

And it’s not just children. Disney +, which offers a wide choice of ad-free content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic, is a must-have for Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic fans.

The Prouder Family: Louder & Prouder, Hawkeye, WandaVision, The Mandalorian, Loki, and The Book are among the Disney + originals. The Return of Boba Fett and The Beatles Luka and Soul are also available at Disney Plus if you enjoy Pixar films.

Subscribers to Disney + may stream content to up to four devices at once, download titles, and enjoy them on the move. Host a virtual movie night with up to 6 friends and family with GroupWatch to make it a communal activity.

This month, Disney + will premiere a dozen, and Moon Knight cheaps exclusively on the site, including “My Occasionally Lesser.” On Disney Plus, customers will be able to view Encanto and Free Guy in addition to the Simpsons episode.

Watch turning Red

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