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It seems like every year a new pop culture heralds that the romantic comedy is “back.” This time it’s “Everyone, but not you”, which has all the necessary ingredients for a successful novel: a beautiful setting, a lot of tropes and some beautiful main characters.

They are, of course, Top Gun: Maverick actor and Menand#039;s Health cover star Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney, star of HBO’s hit drama Euphoria and The White Lotus. Powell and Sweeney play Ben and Bea, two old college friends who once went on a disastrous first date together and now can’t stand each other.

When they are both invited to the same destination in Australia, an event that also includes their cocky ex, Ben and Bea reluctantly agree to pose as a couple to save face.Anyone But You is based on William Shakespeare’s play Much Ado About Nothing, probably the first incarnation of the enemies-turned-lovers trope and the sparkling mischief by which every romantic comedy lives or dies.

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How Can I Watch Anyone But You?

Anyone But You is currently in theaters only, releasing in the US and Canada on December 22nd. See showtimes and tickets here.

When will someone start streaming besides you?

Sony has not yet officially announced when the film will be released on digital platforms, but it is likely that Anyone But You will be available for purchase and/or rental around two months after its release. A licensing deal with Sony and Netflix will then begin streaming the film on the service sometime in the first half of 2024..

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