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Gemma is a skilled roboticist who can give androids human physique and movements. Working as an engineer for a toy company, Gemma creates dolls that resemble real children in bold and adorable ways. When Gemma takes in her newly orphaned niece, everything in her life changes.

Out of a desperate need to help her and find a way to connect with her emotionally, Gemma created M3GAN, a lifelike artificial intelligence doll, created to be a child’s best friend.

It should only serve as a prototype. But when Gemma took M3GAN home to try it out, the traumatized niece was happy again and relieved to have a companion during a difficult time. M3GAN becomes more exclusive and protects the girl as her bond grows.

Akela Cooper is writing the screenplay for Gerard Johnstone’s upcoming tech horror film The plot itself is written by horror legend James Wan, who also serves as the film’s producer alongside horror veteran Jason Blum. Thanks to Blum and Wan, Saw movies, Insidious, and Paranormal Activity, and movie are among the best horror series in recent memory.

Allison Williams plays Gemma, the robot engineer who originally designed the dolls. Young actress Amy Donald will physically play her M3GAN, and Kimberly Crosman will provide her voice. The cast includes Violet McGraw, Ronnie Chen, and Brian Jordan Alvarez as they prepare to face off against the puppets.

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Where To Watch M3GAN?

The Movie has not yet partnered with a specific streaming service, so fans can only watch the film in theaters at this time. Plans may change in the near future, but for now, going to the cinema seems to be the best option for curious horror enthusiasts.
Unfortunately, I don’t think this movie will be available for streaming on Netflix any time soon. The same goes for his Peacock and Prime Video on streaming services.


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