Simplest Way to Make a PAN Card in Nepal Online | Nagarik App 2021

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In general PAN card is the permanent account number issued by the Tax department of Nepal to any citizen. You pay a certain sum of money to the nation. It is easier for the government to analyze the individual income through the tracking number of the id of a PAN number. if you are into the job or business then it’s mandatory that you must have a PAN card. Basically, with the help of the PAN, some of the percentages from your salary go into the government accounts. All of the amounts that you have paid to the government are transparent with the help of it.

If you get back to the past there was very complexity in making PAN. You need to go through a large queue in the government office for hours standing. The work was pretty manual by the time the method of creating a PAN card has been changed. Now, you can make your own personal pan From your home within a minutes.

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How to Make a PAN Card Online in Nepal | Nagarik App


Many of you might get confused about what to do in order to create a PAN card. In this article, we are going to discuss the easiest and the simple way of making a pan card online.

  • Go to Playstore | Appstore

First, go to the play store or AppStore and search for Nagarik App. Download the application into your Device

  • Install the application

Secondly, Install the application into your ios or android device.

  • Go to Nagarik App

Now go to the Nagarik app from your phone. Sign up for the application fill up all the details the application asked for.

Note: If your sim card isn’t registered with the name of your citizenship. you will not be able to register for the application.

  • Open PAN option

The next step here is to click on the option of PAN. once you click you will see the form application for PAN registration. Fill up all your personal details.

  • Proceed

When you complete all the procedures and do the task. The image of your PAN will appear on your screen. in this way you will have a person’s PAN number online from Nepal. You can also register multiple things such as passport details, mark sheet details, and all. you can also add up your property details as well.

Benefits of Having a PAN card

how to make a PAN Card in Nepal Online nagarik app

Learn How to Make dollar card in Simple steps

The most important benefit of having a PAN card is you can have a US dollar card. Now you can buy goods and services from outside the territory of Nepal with the help of a US dollar card. you can buy any goods from Amazon, Alibaba and you will also be able to boost your business from Facebook and Instagram. To get and dollar card you must have a personal PAN card. which you can make online within a few minutes.

There are a lot more benefits to having a PAN card. you will easily know the about that you have paid for Government. it brings transparency in the financial sector as well. so, Nagarik App is basically a revolutionary application in the app market.

Review on Nagarik App and its services

how to make a PAN Card in Nepal Online nagarik app

Previously many apps were created by the government to ease its services. The majority of them failed due to improper implementation. However, this app seems to work well. Because of the mass publicity and promotion. Every Nepalese are concern about the application. The unique features of this app make it a perfect government service provider. There are some bugs and glitches in the application with the new update. it is expected to get vanished.

Some of the application services are not available. so it is better to apply for any services after office hours. At this time there will be fewer people in the server request.

For more information about the application click here

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