Latest Price of Yamaha Bike in Nepal 2021

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When it comes to the bike. yamaha is one of the greatest motorcycle brands in Nepal. The brand has the highest value and respect in the Nepali market. The powerful engine, great performance has been able to attract all generations of people in Nepal. The main reason for Yamaha’s success in Nepal is its engine. the affordable price and quality of the motorcycle are loved by everyone in the market. especially the bike is designed for the road of Nepal.

Some of the popular bike of yamaha is listed with its price

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Yamaha Saluto


If you are looking for the best budget-friendly bike. the saluto is gonna be the best option. It is available at an affordable price and suitable for day-to-day office and college commuters. The maintenance cost of this motorcycle is very low. All the spare parts are easily available in the market. This motorcycle is going to save you lots of money. The refined engine is very smooth and suitable for all roads of Nepal. You can also do a long ride with the help of this motorcycle.

Features of Saluto

1Advance level 125 blue crore Powerful Engine
2Lite weight
3High ground clearance of 188mm
4Tubeless tyre
52 valve single cylinder
6Torque 10.1N・m(1.0kgf・m)/4500r/min
7Wheelbase 1,265mm
8Seat height 805mm
9Price 220,000 Excluding Insurance and pass charges

Yamaha Sz RR

yamaha bike price in nepal

When it comes to the pickup power of this motorcycle. No one is going to believe that it is 150 cc. The power delivery will amaze you in your test ride. It is suitable for all kinds of roads. the suspension of the bike is very flexible. That’s why it is going to be a life savior for pillion riders as well. If you are a want a motorcycle for day-to-day uses. It is going to be the best choice.

Highlighting Features

1Super powerful Engine
2Front Disk Brake
3Stylish Robust Design with attractive Graphics
4Comfortable Rider and pillion seat
5Large Size fuel tank
6Fuel storage Capacity 14Ltr
7Power 12.1PS / 7500 rpm
8Single cylinder 2 valve engine
9Telescopic front suspension
10Price 243,000 Excluding pass charges and Insurance

Yamaha XTZ

Yamaha Bike in Nepal

In the dirt segment. Xtz can be a better option for a dirt lover and rider. The Design of the motorcycle is absolutely legit for a person who is adventurous and loves the thrill. The bike is manufactured for the lap of the Himalayas. If you are searching for a dirt and fun bike. Then you can choose XTZ.

Features of XTZ

1125 cc air cooled 4 strokes single-cylinder engine
2Torque 9.9 Nm @ 5500 rpm
3Power 10.2 PS @ 7500 rpm
4Front Disc Brake
5Telescopic front suspension
6High 1o ltr Fuel capacity
7Headlight Halogen
8kerb weight 118 kg
9Ground clearance 260mm
10400000 Excluding pass charge and insurance

Fz V2

Yamaha Bike in Nepal

The stylish design and racking looks of this motorcycle are appreciated by all groups of people. The pickup power and its top speed will surely grab the attention of the youth. if you are a college student or an office commuter. Then go for Fz v2. low maintenance cost and the super mileage of this motorcycle will make this very reasonable and affordable. It is suitable for the long tour as well. The extra digital feature of the bike makes it easy to maneuver. probably the best bike under 3 lakhs in Nepal.

Some features of Fz v2

1150cc air cooled engine
2Stylish Graphics
3Multi-reflector headlight
4Max power 9.7 kW (13.1PS) / 8000 rpm
5Fuel injection system (FI)
6wheelbase 1330mm
7Seat height 790mm
812.8 N.m (1.3 kg f.m) / 6000 rpm) Max Torque
95 Gears
10Price 284,900 Excluding pass charge and insurance

Fzs v2

Yamaha Bike in Nepal

Everything in the fzs version is similar to the fz. But there is the option for a double disk brake in this bike. The price for this motorcycle is about 304,900.


1Super refined engine with fuel injection
2Advance dual side disc brake
3Best design
4Easy and comfortable suspension
52 valve single cylinder 120cc Engine
6Max power 9.7 kW (13.1PS) / 8000 rpm
7Max Torque 12.8 N.m (1.3 kg f.m) / 6000 rpm)
85 gears
9Wide rear tyre 140/60-R17M/C (63P)revz-Y FRONT Tyre 100/80-17M/C (52P)NYLOGRIP ZAPPER-FX1
10Price 304,900 Excluding pass charges and insurance

Fzs V3

Yamaha Bike in Nepal

The fzs v3 is the big sibling of fz. The engine and the performance have been refined in this segment of fz. Its bulk in size and has a bigger change. The carbon finished of this motorcycle makes it look a bit classy. The seat is very comfortable and comes with a fuel injection system. It is suitable for the long tour as well.

Features and specifications of Fzs V3

12 valve single cylinder 150 cc powerful FI engine
2Digital instrumental cluster
4Comfortable wide seat
59.7 kW (13.2PS) / 8,000 r/min Max power
6Max torque 12.8 N.m (1.3 kg f.m) / 6,000 r/min
7Fuel injection
85-speed gearbox
9Anti-lock braking system (ABS) single channel
10Adjustable mono-shock suspension
11Price 329,900 excluding pass charge and insurance

Mt 15

Yamaha Bike in Nepal

Loved by the youngsters of Nepal. Mt 15 is the Yamaha successful bike in Nepal. the aggressive look and the classy nacked sport look of the bike show its uniqueness on the road. Mt has reached the requirement of youngsters. it delivers a top speed in very less seconds. none will ever feel that the bike has a 150cc engine.

Features and specification of Mt15

1155 cc liquid-cooled 4v FI engine
2Slipper clutch
36-speed gear
4Single-channel ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)
5Maximum power 13.6 Kw (19.3ps)/10000 Rpm
6Torque 4.7 N.m(1.4 kgfm)/8500 rpm
7Front tyre size 100/80-17M/C 52P Rear tyre size 140/70-17M/C 66H
8Telescopic front suspension and rear mono-shock suspension
9Liquid cooling system
10Price of mt15 in Nepal = 442,900 excluding pass charge and insurance

Fz 25

Yamaha Bike in Nepal

Fz 25 is the Yamaha big bike. The engine of this bike is 250cc. This motorcycle challenge a lot of big superbikes. the design is very aggressive and stylish designed for all generations of people. If you love traveling long rides then you can go for this motorcycle. The bike comes with lots of features as well.

Features and specifications of FZ25

12 valve single cylinder 249cc oil-cooled engine
2Max power 20.8 Ps (15.3 kW)/8000 Rpm
3Max Torque 20.1 N.m(2.0kgfm)/6000 rpm
4Fuel injection system
5Dual-channel ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)
6Adjustable Monoshock suspension
7Front tyre size 100/80-17M/C 52P Rear tyre 140/70-17M/C 66S
8Hydraulic double disc brake
9Tubeless tyre
10Price 442,900 excluding pass charges and insurance

R15 v3

Yamaha Bike in Nepal

R15 is is a well-known bike in the motorcycle industry. R15 is maintaining its legacy in the market from the very beginning. The r1 segment has to gain lots of popularity. It is loved by every generation of people. No one can say no to a super racking bike like r15. the speed of the bike is so high that it will feel like a Hayabusa.

Features and specifications of R15 v3

1Dual-channel ABS (Anti-lock braking system)
24 valve 155cc LC4V SOH Fuel Injection engine (FI)
3Digital instrumental cluster
46-speed Transmission
5Max power 14.2kW (19.3PS) @ 10,000 rpm
6Hydraulic Double disc brake
7Front tyre MRF/NYLOGRIP ZAPPER-FX1 100/80-17M/C 52P
Rear tyre MRF/NYLOGRIP ZAPPER-S 140/70-17M/C 66H
8Telescopic front suspension
Rear mono-shock suspension
9Kerb weight 142 kg
10Price of r15 v3 in nepal= 477,900 excluding pass charges and insurance

Yamaha R3

Yamaha Bike in Nepal

R3 is the Yamaha expensive bike. This superbike is mainly loved by the young people of Nepal. When it comes to speed r3 is the beast on the highway. if speed gonna matters you then go for the r3.

Highlighting features of r3

1Liquid-cooled 4 valve 321cc engine
2Forged pistons and diasil cylinders
3offset cylinders
4Diamond frame chassis
5Diamond frame chassis
6Mono cross suspension
7Max torque 29.6 N.m (3.0 kgfm) @ 9,000 rpm
8Max power 30.9 kW (42.0 PS) @ 10,750 rpm
9Fuel injection
106 gear
11Price 924,900 excluding pass and charges and insurance

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