Here’s How You Can Watch Sound of Freedom online 2023

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The faith-based movie “Sound of Freedom,” which is about child trafficking, is looking like an unusual box office success.

The low-budget drama’s production firm, Angel Studios, claims that more than $10 million in pre-sales have been made for the picture before its July 4 cinema debut. For a film that isn’t utilizing a flashy major studio marketing strategy, that is an astounding amount.

Another indication of the purchasing power of religious moviegoers, who helped “Jesus Revolution” earn an incredible $53 million at the global box office last spring despite the fact that Kelsey Grammar played the lead role.

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Let’s presume that, like me, you’re not a right-wing fundamentalist conspiracy theorist searching for a dark, faith-based suspense movie to see over the holiday weekend, according to Variety’s Owen Gleiberman, who gave the movie a mostly positive review.

(The film debuts on July 3.) Even so, you don’t have to have radical beliefs to enjoy “Sound of Freedom” as a gripping film that really depicts one of the most important contemporary criminal horrors. Hollywood has largely avoided this subject. When “Sound of Freedom” received an astounding 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, other critics appeared to concur.

How To Watch Sound of Freedom Online 2023

On Tuesday, July 4, “north of 2,600 locations” will receive the movie exclusively in theaters. You must visit your nearby theater to see the faith-based thriller soon if you want to see it. A date for the streaming release has not yet been set because of the theatrical release.

For hints concerning a prospective streaming release window, we may however go to a prior Angel Studios release. On March 31, 2023, His Only Son was released in theaters. On June 25, 2023, it was made available online. You can anticipate that Sound of Freedom will debut on VOD services like iTunes, Prime Video, and if the same pattern holds true.

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