Easiest Ways To Get Netflix Free Trial Without Credit Card.

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Netflix provides one of the best streaming services with a variety of TV shows, movies, anime, and so on. Talking about this generation, the majority of people are engaged in this platform as it provides a major source of entertainment.

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We all know Netflix gives us the option for 30 day free trial. Although we wanna enjoy this service

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but are unable to do this because of various reasons. One of the major reasons students come across is not having a credit card. Here we talk about the various method through which you can enjoy the free trial of Netflix without a credit card.

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1.Using VPN

As we know since 2021 Netflix had made some changes to their free trial option. We can only watch those tv shows and movies that are listed by them, we cannot watch everything that we want. But some countries still have the old free trial system of Netflix. Countries like Switzerland, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Russia, and others still have free Netflix trials so we can use VPN and select the location of these countries and enjoy the free trial.

2.Using A gift card

If you wanna enjoy the free trial and you don’t have a credit card you can simply use a gift card. We can use a gift card in place of a credit card, all we have to do is select the gift card option and enter the code to ask for the free trial.

what is a gift card?

A card where we can load our money and then use them at the accepted location.

How can you buy a gift card?

You can go to online stores like amazon and search for gift cards and look for email delivery. These are the Digital gift cards that we received immediately in our email after we purchase them. You can place your amount and purchase them.

You then receive your gift card in your given email id. It may take some time to receive it.

get Netflix free trial without a credit card.

3. Using a Debit card with zero balance.

As you know while signing up for a free trial, we need to give our card details so that when the trial expires users will be automatically charged for further subscriptions.

So to avoid the charges we can use our old debit card with zero balance. Netflix does not look for your balance it just sees your valid card number and expiry date. If you have such a card with zero balance it may help you to get the free trial without the charges made after the expiry of the trial.

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